Members only Club Horticultural Show 2024

This will take place on Sept 11th 2024.

The judges will be David Shergold on vegetables and flowers, and Elaine Noble will judge the cookery section.


1Four different vegetables, one of each kind
2Three potatoes
3Three apples or three pears
4Three tomatoes
5A bunch of culinary herbs in a jam jar
1Vase of garden flowers
2Three stems of any shrubs
3One pot plant, maximum 8” diameter pot size
4One stem of a rose
5A floral arrangement
1A jar of jam or marmalade
2A jar of chutney
3A Victoria sponge with jam filling
4Three decorated cup cakes
5A vegetable quiche

The Grove Building will be open from 4.30pm until 6pm to receive and display exhibits on the tables. Judging to commence at 6pm. The hall will be reopened at 7pm as usual.

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